How to apply for Admob

How to apply for Admob

Step 1 – > Have to sign for AdMob

To create AdMob account you need a Google Account.
To sign up with AdMob go here.

You will be able to use your current account or create a new one.

Step 2 – > Activate AdSense and AdWords accounts

AdMob requires you to have AdSense and AdWords accounts. If you don’t have one or both of these, you’ll be able to create them during the sign-up process.


  1. Country or territory – select the country you are located in, your selection affects payment currency and reporting options
  2. Account type – you have to select from two available options(Individual and Business)
    Individual – > have to introduce your Payee name, must match the full name on your bank account
    Business – > have to introduce Company Name
  3. Street address – enter your local address
  4. City/Town – enter the name of the city/town you live in
  5. Phone – enter your phone number
  6. Email preferences – select type of service announcements
  7. Continue Button
    Ad Words

Campaign-related reports, statistics, and billing will be based on your AdWords account settings.
For AdWords, you will have to complete Time Zone and Billing Currency fields.

  1. Time zone – select your time zone, your selection is used for reporting and budgeting
  2. Billing currency – select a currency you want to be billed, you’re billed only if you created your own ads in AdMob

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