Native Android mobile apps with Angular

Android mobile apps with Angular

More and more Java developers have been coming into contact with front-end development in recent years. For this group of developers, it is only a small step to switch to mobile app development with NativeScript. In this post, we try to clarify the possibilities of native and hybrid app development using NativeScript.

What Is NativeScript {N}?
{N} is an open-source framework (under the Apache 2 license) to build native iOS and Android apps, using TypeScript and Angular. {N} is a different technology than the hybrid frameworks, such as Ionic and Phonegap. {N} is a runtime, not a web technology. Your app will not run as a mini-website in a WebView and is, therefore, more efficient. With {N} you have direct access to all the Native APIs of your device.

For Java programmers, it is interesting to realize that TypeScript (TS) has many similarities to Java. TS is the best way to write {N} apps, whether combined with Angular or not. And, further, writing native code in TS for Android is quite simple, because you can take on a lot of one-to-one in the native Java code (for example new is valid in both Java and JS/TS. That is just a bit trickier in Objective-C). It is very fascinating to see how NativeScript manages to implement all the native constructions with pure JavaScript. From string arrays to interfaces and implementations of abstract classes.

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