Angular CMS Development

Angular CMS Development

Angular, developed and maintained by Google engineers, has found a place across dynamic web applications and is an increasingly in-demand language. It’s a robust and comprehensive language for front-end development that is unit-testing ready, making it the language of choice for many developers. Angular simplifies the front-end development experience by extending HTML’s syntax to allow you to quickly create content management capability.

Because of Angular’s simplicity, developers are increasingly taking advantage of it to add CMS capability to websites.

Integrating Butter into your Angular app is dead simple. Here’s a mini tutorial to get a feel for adding marketing pages to your app. You can also use our Content Fields to do advanced content modelling. For a full integration, guide check out our Official Guide

First, you would set up a new Customer Case Study page type in Butter and create a page. With your page defined, the ButterCMS API will return it in JSON format like this:

Headless CMS, like Contentful, are essentially web applications that abstract away the database/backend from developers and non-developers alike.
A headless CMS does not provide a front-end. — They do provide developers with an API to get content from the back-end, and a user interface for non-developers to enter content into the back-end.

We will build an Angular application to display data and use Contentful to create/manage that data.

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