How to Set Up Roles and Permissions in Discord

Set Up Roles and Permissions in Discord

How to Set Up Roles and Permissions in Discord

Learn how to create and manage roles, as well as assign permissions in Discord.

Intermediate PT15M


  • Computer or mobile device with Discord app


  • Access to a Discord server
  • Server owner or admin privileges


  1. Discord Server Navigation Open Discord and navigate to your server. Launch the Discord application and select the server where you want to set up roles and permissions.
  2. Go to the Server Settings. Click on the server name or the dropdown arrow next to it, then select “Server Settings” from the menu. Server Settings
  3. Navigate to the Roles tab. In the left sidebar, click on “Roles” to access the Roles settings. Roles Tab
  4. Create a new role. Click the “+” button, enter a name for the role, and customize its permissions as desired. Creating a New Role
  5. Assign roles to users. Navigate to the “Members” tab, select a user, and click on the “+” button under “Roles” to assign the desired role to that user. Assigning Roles to Users

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