Accomplish Google Analytics setup for Website

Google Analytics setup for Website

Google Analytics setup for Website

Google Analytics is used for collecting the data of the website for different analyses like the source of the visitor, the time spent by the visitor on your website, the bounce rate of your website and much more. A survey tells that 98% of website owner depends on Google Analytics for the complete analysis of their website. But do they use Google Analytics properly for the deep analysis of the website which will help them to increase their visitors and audience of the website? To solve this issue here is the perfect tutorial to learn the exact way to use Google Analytics for the website to know and everything about the website.

Google Analytics installation

Step.1 Go to Analytic official website Google Analytics use your Gmail email id and password for creating the account on Google Analytics.

Step.2 Now complete the form with your website name, website web address, and other details. For details see the below image.

Note: While filling your website web address, make confirm the selection of whether your website domain is with HTTP:// or HTTPS://

Step.3 Wait for a few seconds for generating tracking code, copy that code and paste it into a header file of your website or you can paste this code on separate pages.

Here your website is set up with a Google Analytics tracking code, now you can track every activity of your visitor on the website. In the next tutorial, you can learn about how to use features of Google Analytics for better tracking and analysis.

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