5 Ways to Increase Your YouTube Views

Increase Your YouTube Views

Increase Your YouTube Views

Try going back and editing it to make it even better, and work on new videos. A helpful tip is to look at websites about trends, so you know what kind of videos you’ll need to appeal to the public. But the most important tip on YouTube is to be patient. Many YouTube’s forget that, and they quit YouTube in the first few weeks because they don’t have many subscribers or any views. You just have to be patient and make good videos with excellent tags.

  1. Surely, wherever you go and whoever you ask this question they will say that most important point is the title of your video. Titles are #1 SEO tool. Add correct keywords to your titles and it’ll be easier for people to find your video.
  2. SEO tool for YouTube is the correct description. You don’t have to write a long and boring description of your video. Make it short, informative and catchy. But when doing this don’t forget to add keywords and URLs in the description box. Pay attention to your tags. Again, add keywords and words related to your video’s content.
  3. Video thumbnails are just another important point. Thumbnails do matter, as some people might not even click on your video as your thumbnail does not match to your titles or else your thumbnail is something absolutely irrelevant.
  4. Use Call-to-action in your videos. Encourage people to subscribe to your channel, like your video, follow you, write you some comments etc. You can actually add a ‘subscribe’ annotation on your video so that people do not forget to subscribe. Plus, this kind of annotations makes the viewers’ job easier.
  5. And finally, don’t forget to share your video on other websites. Social media can be really helpful at this point. Just use relevant tags, write something inspiring and you’re good to go! 

Remember, driving engagement with quality content is what develops engaged followers and subsequently. advocators of your brand! Be true to yourself and your brand, and communicate with your audience along the way.

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