How to install WordPress in hosting

Install WordPress in hosting

How to install WordPress in hosting

Installing WordPress can be done in two different ways, we will discuss them in detail as we go further but I will first clear every doubt to make you a poignant WordPress developer.

Which Hosting will be felicitous for WordPress

I am using Godaddy Hosting’s ultimate plan of Linux Hosting where I can host a maximum of 10 websites without any problem, why I select GODADDY because if we are a new customer to GoDaddy then we get up to 70% overall discount on first purchase and .com domain too free. Godaddy deal for beginners will be profitable in any way and you can cancel your hosting order even after 2-3 months where you will get a return back to unused month if in any case, you don’t want to make business with Godaddy.

Install WordPress in Hosting

As I already told you that there are two different ways to install WordPress on your hosting I will start from the easiest one to the adamant process of installing WordPress in Hosting.

Using WordPress Application from cPanel

The cPanel UI (User Interface) may vary according to your hosting provider’s and different versions, in the featured application platoon, you will find WordPress Application, click on it. Then the window will open where you can select which domain you want to install WordPress Application. Database and other settings are auto-tuned by cPanel if you have ample knowledge of editing it then you can proceed with the setting option which is available when you click on WordPress application in cPanel.

How to install WordPress manually

WordPress can be installed manually in hosting, not an easy task but it will help you to customize the WordPress database and setting easily. I will recommend only pro developers to use a manual method to install WordPress.

For manual installation of WordPress in hosting, I am using Hostgator Hosting service, following steps without any mistake:

To know more you can go through my article How to install WordPress manually in this article you can learn every necessary point required for manually installing WordPress in Hosting.